QG Konstruktion has two main projects in its portfolio with Angolan Government:



Kwanza-Sul is a coastal province to the country’s center-west. Besides its capital county (Sumbe) there are 11 others comprising of 36 communes on the overall. It is estimated to have 2,294,069 inhabitants (of which 39/km2).The province was one of the granary regions of Angola. Coffee was of relative importance in the colonial past, but a dilapidated infrastructure, wanting production incentives, and its low international price have conspired against a return to its pre-war level production. The government has created programs to incentivize cotton, sunflowers and soybeans, however.Natural resources potential includes the exploration of nickel, limestone, quartz, mica, copper, gold, diamond, and oil. All of which are equally untapped.The road´s rehabilitation of 33,81Km single carriage way road will connect Cariango and Mussende cities, in the Kwanza Sul Province. This project will have impact in the Environmental and Social Assessment.


The project will connect 2 relevant cities of the southern province of Cuando Cubango, known as ‘Land of Progress’, due to its economic potential. It has a huge untapped potential for tourism as well as in terms of mineral wealth: diamonds, iron, mercury, gold, quartz and uranium are the potential mineral resources of the unexplored subsoil.The road´s rehabilitation of 136Km single carriage way road will connect Cuangar and Calai cities, in the Cuando Cubango Province.