Its team of experts has successfully concluded several state of art projects in the world, such as a Three Tier Interchange with a total length of 1800 m including access ramps with international financing provided by strategic international banks and related export credit agencies worldwide. Such projects comprise state-of-the-art interchange technology, brought through our high value-added engineering as the preconized solution of Composite Structure, which reduces the local interventions, avoid larges areas of scaffolding which leads to less traffic deviations and can be erected quickly using less time than concrete structures and less impact in the urban centers.
Our team of engineers has lengthy experience in the implementation of urban mobility projects, ranging from the execution of metro, monorail and light rail systems, through to bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, providing mobility for millions of people. 



We have extensive experience on projects focused on property development as well as a range of commercial and tourist functions, such as modern resorts and high-class residential complexes, built in all cases in accordance with the very latest sustainability requirements.


QGMI has successfully delivered complex projects in Africa on time, a result of experience and efficiency in the implementation of its business model. Our Company is dedicated to delivering on clients’ expectations and has the capacity to implement high complexity EPFC projects, being responsible for all activities from design, procurement, construction, to commissioning and handover of the project to the End-User or Owner, offering high-quality standards compliant with the most stringent health, safety and environmental requirements.

Having dedicated engineering, design and procurement teams, together with our track record of projects performed, has allowed us to develop a close relationship with several major players in all project areas and industries, including top class designers, subcontractors and state-of-art technology suppliers.

In addition, we are specialized in mobilizing/arranging financing and cost effective project funding from different sources (Commercial Banks, Export Credit Agencies, Multilaterals, Debt Capital Markets) even for projects of complex nature due to our risk management capability, business intelligence and reliable partners. We have supported the several African governments to raise attractive and competitive medium to long term funding for different projects using different financial structures.

It is QGMI´s intention to harness all the tools and resources available to us to ensure that we deliver our projects with even greater reliability and efficiency, taking client´s satisfaction to the next level. We will continue working on construction and infrastructure development with financing, (i) hiring local labor force, (ii) transferring knowledge and technology throughout training and career programs, (iii) complying with local laws,  all regulations and environmental concerns, (iv) committing to sustainable development and (v) honoring contractual terms and conditions.

QGMI has been given a privileged position of being among top contractors in the continent and will work hard to keep growing roots that will lead this partnership with the countries to be perpetuated.