QG Konstruktion GmbH is a company stablished in Germany from QGMI Holding to develop and enhance business, and aims to concentrate on delivering engineering solutions based on a sustainable framework and focused on the results expected by clients and stakeholders, together with German suppliers and long-term partnerships developed throughout the works performed by Queiroz Galvão in Angola and Ghana.

Born to uphold the shareholders’ core values of Effort, Reliability, Quality and Loyalty) QG Konstruktion GmbH is focused on the development of infrastructure projects for the African market, the very cradle from which the international group emerged, jointed with the German high experienced workforce, reliable supplies and value-added technology, aligning Queiroz Galvão’s construction expertise and in-depth knowledge of the African market.


QGMI is a global infrastructure company with services specialised in the development, financing and execution of transport projects, urban mobility, water and sewerage, energy and industrial building. With more than 30 years’ experience of international projects, in 2013 it gained its own legal status as a “spin off” from the construction company Queiroz Galvão. The company’s headquarters is in Europe, and from there it manages projects in Africa and Latin America.

QGMI acts as a promoter of infrastructure and public services solutions in alliance with technological suppliers, working from the stages of evaluation, feasibility analysis and planning to construction, understanding all the environment limitations.